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Not sure of something? Maybe you'll find the answer below.

If not then don't worry, we're just a phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Caravan & Camping Club?

Just visit their website where all will be explained -

Can I bring my dog?

Of course! Just bear in mind there are sometimes sheep or cows in nearby fields, so we advise keeping on a lead.

Can I smoke?

You can, but please be considerate of other guests (wind direction, proximity etc.).


Are children allowed?

We want to ensure you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, so we ask that all guests are over 18.

Is there parking?

There is parking in our large field and if you ask nicely we can let you park in our farmyard (space permitting).

Are there toilets?

Yes, and showers.

Can I pay online?

Afraid not. We like to keep things as cheap as possible for you, and online payment systems add tax and commission fees, so we just take cash when you get here, or we can do bank transfer.

Do prices change?

We constantly strive to keep our prices down but we aren't immune from the effects of the ongoing energy pricing situation. We will do our best to keep everyone informed if prices do change, but we can't guarantee that the price at the time of booking will remain the same as when you visit. If you want more information please contact us.

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